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SizePixel ist eine kleine Community, die seid 2020 auf eigenen Beinen steht.


The MyServer staff team are friendly, dedicated, and always online to help everything run smoothly. Have any questions? Make sure to do /staff ingame to reach out!

Unser Server

We have Factions, KitPvP, and SkyBlock on our network, all with fully custom builds and useful perks and features. Join today at play.myserver.com!



Skyblock is a gamemode where you start on a floating island with minimal resources. Compete with others or join them and jump to the top of the leaderboards! Difficult challenges are set for you through your sky adventure, complete them for rewards! It takes perseverance, dedication, and effort to get to the top!

MyServer SkyBlock Server


Factions is a popular team-based, pvp orientated gamemode where you claim land, build a base with your friends, and raid other factions. We have several awesome features such as custom enchantments and a handy shop GUI. Compete with other factions and strive to become the top faction, winning a free store coupon, today!

MyServer Factions Server


KitPvP is a competitive, fast-paced gamemode packed with players! Chose your kit and join the race to the top of the leaderboard. Explore our custom map and test your skills on parkour in secret rooms. Whether you are an archer, gladiator or tactician there is a kit for you. Join the fight today on MyServer!

MyServer KitPvP Server

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Latest Announcement

We just released MyServer 2.0!

And it went extremely well. We couldn't be more proud to run MyServer. We hit over 400 players, a new record for the server, and the staff worked in overdrive to catch hackers, doing an amazing job. In fact, just on that Saturday, 36 hackers were permanently banned from our network.

With this new update, SkyBlock has a new fully custom PvP map which you can see above. As well as that, we added...

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Email - sizeesport@gmail.com

Teamspeak Server - sizeesport.de